Ricky Martin Tour 2000 TWA System Timetable

Ricky Martin Tour 2000/TWA Timetable
Ricky Martin Tour 2000/TWA Timetable
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Product Description

Here is a great airline collectible item that's also perfect for Ricky Martin fans and enthusiasts! This May 1, 2000 TWA system timetable may be relatively recent, but it is no longer in effect and is quickly becoming a sought after item! This timetable announces TWA as the "Official Airline" of the 2000 Ricky Martin Tour and a #1 choice for travel to Puerto Rico!

On the front cover of this Ricky Martin/TWA keepsake is a great photo of Ricky standing in front of an MD-80 tail. Here is the perfect item or gift for any music or Ricky Martin fan as well as for any airline memorabilia or aviation enthusiast! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!