A Tale of Two Tails!

Photo 6: A Tale of Two Tails!
With an overcast of 1,300 feet we saw little of New York upon our 11:35am arrival at JFK. We taxied right to the TWA Hanger where we saw an amazing mixture of the old and new TWA. Never would it have seemed possible that the triple tail of a Trans World Lockheed Super-G Constellation would ever stand proudly next to the giant tail of a new TWA Boeing 767-300 in TWA's maintenance hangar at John F. Kennedy International Airport!

The "Star of America" needed to be washed, but the crowds made it difficult at first. You would have thought Elvis had landed! Hundreds of TWA employees ran over, crowding the stairs and her aisle. So many had amazing stories and memories from the days when Connie was a regular resident! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!