Lockheed SR-71 Aircraft Secret Missions Revealed

Lockheed SR-71 Secret Missions Revealed
Lockheed SR-71 Secret Missions Revealed
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The Lockheed SR-71 can surely lay claim to being one of the most sophisticated pieces of military hardware ever produced: and without a doubt, is still the most impressive military jet ever to fly. 65,000 lbs of power thrust the Blackbird through the outer limits of the earth's atmosphere at one mile every two seconds!

Author Paul Crickmore is recognized as the world authority on the SR-71. He has collected unprecedented first-hand accounts from over 70 crewmen of their secret Mach 3+ operational missions.

This 262 page soft cover edition packed with photos, detailed diagrams, a full record of all missions, and continues the story of the SR-71 while employed by NASA as an experimental platform. Perfect item or gift for any military Aviation or aircraft enthusiast! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!