DRUK Air British Aerospace BAE-146 Just Planes DVD

DRUK Air BAE-146 Just Planes DVD
DRUK Air BAE-146 Just Planes DVD
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DRUK Air BAE-146 Just Planes DVD
Brought to you from the Just Planes series of fantasic Airline Videos and DVD's, we are proud to present the Druk Air British Aerospace BAE-146-100 aircraft DVD

First released on VHS in 2001, the Druk Air program returns on DVD 5 years later mostly because it offers a look at the spectacular and very unusual flying in and out of Paro, Bhutan. You are in the cockpit for 2 departures and 2 arrival at Paro in both directions of the runway, pilots explain what the special procedure is. You will also fly to 5 of the airline's destinations in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Thailand and observe the BAe146 arriving and departing from the runway. Also included are views from around the country.

Color, 122 minutes. NTSC/DVD Format. Perfect Item or gift for any Airline, Aircraft or Aviation entusiast. Please Click On Images for a Close Look and for Video Preview Stills!