Cut & Make Space Shuttles

Cut & Make Space Shuttles
Cut & Make Space Shuttles
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Product Description

Would-be space travelers of all ages will blast off to thrilling intergalactic adventures with this colorful cut-and-make collection. Papercraft expert David Kawami has created eight easy-to-assemble space shuttles that combine the excitement of toys that fly with the appeal of timely and educational space age vehicles.

Full color models include such splendid cosmic creations as the Tigris-Euphrates, depicted in bright yellow-orange; the dark green Nile; the spectacular Indus, with its rich, red coat; the deep blue Yangtze; an authentically rendered model of NASA's Atlantis shuttle in varying shades of blue; and three other spacecraft. Clear, step-by-step instructions and explanatory diagrams show beginning as well as experienced model builders how to put together these sturdy ships-at a very low price.

Scissors, paper clips, glue and a straightedge are all you need to create space worthy paper models that make fascinating toys and attractive mobiles.