Built By Boeing! United Airlines Stratocruiser

Built By Boeing! United Airlines Stratocruiser
Features listed in this 1950 Stratocruiser brochure include performance data such as:

"World's most powerful piston-type aircraft engines ..four 28-cylinder 3,500-hoursepower Pratt and Whitney Wasp Majors!

Cruises at 300-340 mph at 25,000 feet and higher!

Sea-level cabin air pressure at 15,000 feet and 2,750 foot cabin pressure at 20,000 feet.

Spacious seating: accomodates only 55 passengers and baggage. Can carry 13,000 lbs of cargo!

Reversable-pitch propellers permit smooth braking and shorter runs during landing. Steerable nose wheel allows greater on-the-ground maneuverability!" Click on Image for close up look