Airliners In Flight Photo Aviation Book

Airliners In Flight Photo Aviation Book
Airliners In Flight Photo Aviation Book
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High above the earth, and airliner configured for high-speed cruise is captured in a beautiful air-to-air photograph over a towering skyline next to a sparkling sun-lit bay. "Airliners In Flight" contains an incredible selection of the best air-to-air photographs of airliners ever assembled. Often, before a brand new aircraft is delivered to its owner, it is photographed in flight for promotional purposes. This great book includes many of the same photos as airline receives with its new plane!

Over 170 color photos complement a revealing text that traces the life of an airliner from its birth, to the end of its service life. Also shown are some spectacular "behind the scenes" images that also include the photographer's aircraft in close proximity to a major jetliner in flight, as well as some ground-based images of airliners under construction and also in the desert airliner boneyards!

144 pages, Soft cover. 10 1/2" by 9". Perfect item or gift for any Airline Memorabilia or aviation enthusiast! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!