The Age of Steam Railroads Classic Railroad Video

The Age of Steam Railroads - Video
The Age of Steam Railroads - Video
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Who can resist the sense of excitement evoked by the sounds and smells of a steam train in full flight? Elegant, yet immensely powerful, romantic despite the noise and the smoke; the steam train surely occupies a unique place in our affections. "The Age Of Steam Railroads" brings these images to life as it thunders along thew railroad of locomotion's finest trains.

In the early days of steam, entire continents and their peoples were united by the railroad, and the steam train changes their lives like no other invention. Suddenly people and goods could travel vast distances in a few days. From the middle of the 19th Century until World War II the Steam Train reigned supreme. VHS/NTSC format. Color & B/W. Running time 60 minutes. Great item or gift for any Train or Railroad Memorabilia enthusiast! Please Click On Image For A Closer Look!